Maliki will not give up 3rd term PM nomination

1&J3Baghdad ( The Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Friday, said that he will note give up the post of Prime Minister and will seek a 3rd term. He emphasized that his party’s bloc, the State of Law Coalition is the largest of all political blocs.

Al-Maliki said, in a statement posted on his website and followed by that “He renews his thanks, appreciation and respect for all the sisters and brothers who elected him and trusted him, his brothers and the members of the State of Law Coalition. He said with determination and strength that he will stay true to them and to Iraq and its people. ”

He indicated that “he will not give up an opportunity to serve for a 3rd term as Prime Minister,” adding that “the State of Law Coalition is the biggest bloc which entitles it to select the Prime Minister, a right that no other party may restrict with conditions because the imposition of conditions means dictatorship, which is what we reject forcefully and decisively.”

A source in the Iraqi National Alliance confirmed earlier on Friday that the coalition leaders will meet this afternoon to discuss the ongoing dialogues for the selection of the three presidencies.


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