Maliki repeats call for political, economic embargo on Kurdistan

Nouri al-Maliki. File photo.

Baghdad ( Iraqi Vice President Nouri al-Maliki has called for politically and economically boycotting Iraqi Kurdistan over the region’s efforts to seek independence from the central government in Baghdad.

Meeting Tuesday with the Italian ambassador in Baghdad, Marco Carnelos, Maliki said any initiative for dialogue with the Kurdistan government “should take place after proponents of the referendum give up that unconstitutional scheme which targets Iraq’s integrity”, according to a statement by his media office.

“Kurdistan’s referendum will have catastrophic impacts on Iraq and the region,”Maliki stated.

Maliki has been a fierce opponent to Kurdish secession. As Kurds headed to vote in the referendum on Monday, he said the poll was “a declaration of war on Iraqis’ unity”.

“We will not allow the establishment of another Israel in northern Iraq,” he said in the statement earlier this month. He was presumably alluding to Tel Aviv’s open, official support for the anticipated poll.

Holding the vote has triggered a regional outcry, with Baghdad demanding world countries to approach it regarding airports and borders controlled by Erbil. Iran closed aviation with Kurdistan, and has also warned that holding the referendum would mean a closure of borders with Kurdistan and an abrogation of security cooperation. Turkish President Recep Erdogan also threatened on Tuesday of economic sanctions on Kurdistan that would make its citizens “starve”, including a blocking of oil pipelines and cross-border trade.


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  1. What goes around comes around, Kurd took advantage of Iraqi government weakness and established country inside country, with their own policy not Iraqi’s policy, Yes Kurd abused everything from taking over other cities to control many positions more than other groups and still they are asking for more, Barzani became more famous and respected than Iraqi government. So why now Iraqi government crying , they allowed Iran to teardown Iraq, Iran caused religious and racial discrimination, why not Kurd.
    Iraqi government weak and afraid and can’t do anything, let Kurd have their own country on with 3 cities before 2003 changes, if Kurd worry about Kurds in other cities, let them move to 3 cities same as what happened with India and Pakistan first when they declared independence.
    However, Kurd started wrong, they should start from Iran as first country started Mahabad and not in Iraq.

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