Maliki’s Adviser calls Sunni Endowment to open mosques for Friday prayers


Baghdad ( The Adviser of the Iraqi Premier for National Reconciliation Affairs, Amir al-Khuzai, called on the Sunni Endowment, to open the mosques in front of the Friday prayers.

Khuzai said in a statement received by “The Sunni Endowment is requested today, to terminate closing the mosques and open them for performing Friday prayers.”

The Islamic Scholars Union in Iraq has also called the Sunni Endowment to stop the closure of the mosques, urging the Endowment for moderate rhetoric during the Friday prayers.

The Sunni Endowment has called the security forces on last Tuesday to secure the Sunni mosques, noting that “the Sunni Endowment will shut down the Sunni mosques in case of not protecting them.

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