Maliki’s alliance warns from holding parade for armed groups in Anbar


Baghdad ( The State of Law Coalition headed by the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, warned the security forces and the tribes in Anbar province from holding a State for al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization within the Iraqi State.

MP, Abdul Salaam al-Maliki, stated in a press statement received by “We have been informed that some politicians disavowed from the political process to al-Qaeda in Anbar province in addition to preparing to hold a parade for the armed groups in al-Jazeera area of Anbar province.”

“Creating a State within a State and forming armies that work against the Iraqi government and the people is rejected in Iraq where this procedure is not longer effective and those who wish to bring the Ba’athists back are just imaging it,” he added.

He stressed “The necessity of conducting the anticipating attacks by the security forces in cooperation with the national chieftains to make the enemies of Iraq miss the chance to achieve their goals,” he concluded.

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