Maliki’s Party calls Iraqis not to be driven by foreign sectarian plans


Baghdad ( The Islamic Dawa Party that is headed by the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, called the Iraqi people not to be driven by what is interwoven of foreign sectarian plans.

On occasion of first anniversary of the US military withdrawal from Iraq, Dawa Party cited in a statement on Sunday that “In these days, we are happy to celebrate the first anniversary of the withdrawal of the last US soldier from the Iraqi territories in accordance to the security agreement that was concluded between US & Iraq which represents the victory of Iraq’s will and aspirations in getting the full sovereignty.”

“The day of sovereignty is the genuine victory of Iraqis’ sacrifices and their persistence, therefore they are requested to preserve this sovereignty and to be aware of the malicious foreign schemes that target Iraq’s unity and aim at splitting it on sectarian and ethnic bases,” the statement added.

31/12/2012 is the first anniversary of the US military forces’ withdrawal from Iraq.

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