Maliki’s request to be hosted in parliament to discuss late payment law draft violates constitution, says Khalil


Baghdad ( MP, Mahma Khalil, of the Kurdistani Alliance considers the request of the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki to be hosted in the parliament to discuss the late payment law draft as “Violation to the constitution.”

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he stated “The parliament has the right to call for hosting any official, but not the officials ask to be hosted in the parliament session because it will be for political, personal and electoral purposes.”

“Parliament had to host Maliki for the latest security breaches because he is The General Commander of the Armed Forces and run the Interior Ministry by acting.”

“Iraq does not need the late payment law because the general budget is not spent and brought back to the government,” he added, noting that “The late payments will be as a disaster to Iraq and Iraqi will pay the benefits of those payments for five years.”

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