MoD hails tribesmen’s role in supporting security forces

MoD hails tribesmen\

Baghdad ( In a meeting with the Cheftain of Al-Obaid tribe in Anbar, Maal Allah Barzan, Iraqi Defense Minister, Khalid Al-Obaidi, estimated that the role played by the tribesmen in supporting the security forces to face the terrorists.

A statement received by cited “Obaidi received Barzan in his office where they discussed the current situations and the victories achieved by the Iraqi Army in liberating Iraq from the terrorists of ISIL.”

The statement added “Obaidi thanked the tribesmen who played a good role in supporting their brothers in the security forces in pursuing the ISIL, noting that “Obaidi’s wishes for all Iraqi tribesmen to live in peace and safe especially the places that are controlled by the ISIL. /End/

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