MP attributes not endorsing Criminalizing Ba’ath Party law to ambiguity of some of its items

MP attributes not endorsing Criminalizing Ba\

Baghdad ( MP, Sameera al-Mousawi, of the State of Law Coalition attributed not endorsing the Criminalizing of Ba’ath Party law draft to ambiguity of some of its items.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, she said “There should be a study to the law drafts that criminalize any political party that adopts terrorism and not only Ba’ath Party,” noting that “There are some ambiguity in some of the items of this law draft which resulted in not endorsing it in the parliament.”

“This law is not like the other laws because it has primary issues such as criminalizing it where these issue does not need to be studied,” she added, assuring that “The law draft of the Political Parties must be endorsed as well because it is related to the Ba’ath Party law draft.”

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