MP confirms eliminating terrorist, corrupted security elements

MP confirms eliminating terrorist, corrupted security elements

Baghdad ( MP, Hakim al-Zamili, of the Security and Defense Committee announced that the Committee is going to purify the security systems from the corrupted, terrorist and Ba’ath elements.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he stated “The Committee is serious in eliminating the corrupted terrorist and Ba’ath security elements because it is necessary to eliminate the danger in the security systems.”

“Such procedures, in cooperation with the Legislative and Executive Authorities, would help in sustaining security and purifying the security systems,” he concluded.

It is worth mentioning that the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, ordered to allow the former officers of the Iraqi Army till the Major rank in Kirkuk, Salah il-Din, Diyala, Maysan and Anbar provinces to resume the service in the IA.

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