MP criticizes granting Hashimi Turkish citizenship

MP criticizes granting Hashimi Turkish citizenship

Baghdad ( MP Qasim al-Araji of the Iraqi National Alliance criticized granting the Turkish citizenship to the Iraqi Fugitive Vice-President, Tariq al-Hashimi, who is sentenced to death in absentia.

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said “We think that granting the Turkish citizenship for Hashimi came because Hashimi has Turkish origins rather than being an Iraqi citizen by origin.”

“Such issue is provocative to the families of the victims who were killed by Hashimi and his guards,” he concluded.

It is worth to mention that some media outlets have announced that “The Turkish Prime Minister granted the fugitive VP Hashimi a Turkish citizenship.”

Earlier, the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Court has sentenced Hashimi and his brother-in-law, Ahmed Qahtan, to death by hanging on 4th, November over charges related to preparing a car bomb to the south of Baghdad to target pilgrims heading to Karbala holy shrines coming from Kut city.

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