MP Dayni stresses importance of activating Customs Tariff Law

MP Dayni stresses importance of activating Customs Tariff Law

Baghdad ( MP Nahida al-Dayni, the member of the Parliamentary Economy Committee accused those who opposed activating the customs tariff law of “attempting to bring the hard currency out of the country for the interest of the neighboring countries and to turn Iraq into a market for the low quality imported goods.” Dayni said “The customs tariff has a crucial significance in building the country’s economy as it makes up well economic returns by which the State can invest in reconstructing the infrastructures,” calling to “raise the rate of the tariff duties to 20% instead of 5%.” She also invited the government and the Ministry of Agriculture to support the farmers; demanding the parliament to “enact Laws of Consumer and Producer Protection in addition to developing the local production.” She clarified that “Iraq’s economy depends primarily on oil sector; therefore, it is necessary to activate the Industry and Agriculture sectors to make more than one resource for the country’s economy.” The Iraqi Ministry of Finance has announced in 2011, postponing activating the customs tariff till 2012 due to lack of the work mechanism and the rising prices.

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