MP describes signing request to dismiss Nijaifi as Patriotic stance for MPs

MP describes signing request to dismiss Nijaifi as "Patriotic stance for MPs"

Baghdad ( MP, Salman al-Mosawi, of the State of Law Coalition describing signing the request of dismissing the parliament Speaker, Osama al-Nijaifi, as “A patriotic stance for the MPs.”

Speaking to Iraqi News (, he said ” Signing the request of dismissing Nijaifi is a patriotic and professional stance to all the MPs regardless their affiliations.”

Regarding dismissing the head of the Federal Court, Midhat al-Mahmoud, Mosawi said “The political blocs that voted on dismissing Mahmoud wish that his replacement to approve the law of limiting the terms of the Prime Minister Post.”

Earlier, the SLC announced gathering 120 signatures to dismiss Nijaifi.

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