MP expects continuity of political crises in Iraq till end of Government’s term

MP expects continuity of political crises in Iraq till end of Government\

Baghdad ( The Secretary General of Correction Movement, MP Kamil al-Dulaimi, expected continuity of the current political crises to the next parliamentary round due to lack of ability to reach a consensus among the political blocs over addressing the crises.

Dulaimi stated to Iraqi News “The political problems will remain till the end of the current Government’s term especially in light of the manner adopted in coping with the problems which does not permit finding any consensus.”

“All the problems are declared and discussed via media outlets, also we did not see any real initiative by the political blocs to settle the pending issues or efforts to bring the different views closer ,” he argued.

Dualimi concluded by saying “Some political blocs try to find some files through which they seek to come closer to the citizens prior to the upcoming local elections.”

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