Saturday, June 22, 2024


MP Maliki urges to arrest Qardhawi when enters Iraq

MP Maliki urges to arrest Qardhawi when enters Iraq

Baghdad ( MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki of the State of Law Coalition urged the security departments to arrest the Egyptian clergyman Yusif al-Qardhawi in case he entered Iraq illegally,” noting that “Qardhawi’s visit to Iraq is another step to divide Iraq.”

In a statement to Iraqi News on Tuesday, he said “Qardhawi’s visit to Iraq is another face for Istanbul Conference which called to divide Iraq and Syria on sectarian bases under justifications of protecting the Sunni population and toppling the new democratic process in Iraq.”

“Iraq is a sovereign country which has official channels to coordinate official visits that grants visas through Iraqi embassies or the Iraqi Foreign Ministry but entering Iraq through Kurdistan Region is illegal and subject for penal laws applied in Iraq,” he stressed.

“This visit is not favorable and the security forces should take its role in protecting Iraqi sovereignty,” Mutalabi concluded.

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