MP warns form exploiting Sunday’s urgent session for electoral propaganda

MP warns form exploiting Sunday\

Baghdad ( MP, Abdul al-Salaam al-Maliki, of the State of Law Coalition warned from exploiting the urgent session that will be held on Sunday for electoral propaganda.

In a press statement received by, he said “Some of the demonstrator’s demands are related to the parliament and it is responsible for achieving them, whereas others such as the Justice and Accountability law and Article (4) of the Anti-Terrorism law are not related to the government where it started to adhere to them by releasing some of the prisoners and send others to their provinces.”

He stressed “The necessity of not exploiting the current situation by accusing the government of being neglectful in some issues that are out of its control because it is the Executive Authority that must apply the laws of the Legislative Authority which is the parliament,” noting that “Some sides aim at toppling the government by the demonstrations.”

He warned from “Exploiting the urgent session on Sunday by some sides in order to make it an electoral propaganda.”

He called “The demonstrators to send their demands to the parliament where it will hold an exceptional session on Sunday to discuss them.”

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