Wednesday, August 17, 2022


Mutleg: Regional situation to affect upbringing children in Iraq

Baghdad ( The Deputy Premier, Salih al-Mutleg, warned from the affect of the violence and the use of weapons in the region on the upbringing the Iraqi children.

A statement by Mutleg’s office received by quoted Mutleg while attending the 11th Arab Meeting for Children in Baghdad, as saying “What the children are facing in the Arab region from the violence and the political conflicts, affects their future and upbringing a new generation based on intimacy and forgiveness.”

“The civilized societies stress the necessity of upbringing the children in a good way where they allocate huge budgets for this issue,” he added.

“Diagnosing the problems of the Arab countries results in good and successful results and the Iraqi children are close to the Arab ones because they suffered many problems for about 13 years during the siege that resulted in the death of more than one million children,” he pointed out.

He appreciated “The participation of the Arab delegations in the Meeting in Baghdad.”

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