Mutleg: Sectarian statement changes demonstrations’ nature

Mutleg: Sectarian statement changes demonstrations\

Baghdad ( MP, Hamid al-Mutleg, of the Iraqiya Slate announced that the sectarian statement adopted by some political sides has changed the nature of the demonstrations in some provinces.

In a press conference, he said “The sectarian statement is not adopted by the demonstrators only, but unfortunately it also adopted by some political sides which resulted in changing the nature of the demonstrations and their legitimate demands.”

“The sides adopting this kind of statement do not realize the effect that it will leave on the demonstrators of the governmental efforts to respond to the demonstrators’ demand which is not for anyone’s interest and result in damaging the national unity.”

He did not rule out “The involvement of the penetrated elements within the demonstrations who attempt to create the sectarian sedition and damage the ties among the Iraqi constituents.”

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