Nijaifi calls to respect demands of protestors

Nijaifi calls to respect demands of protestors

Baghdad ( The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Osama al-Nijaifi, mentioned in statement received by on Saturday ”When people resort to demonstrations that means that they have lost their faith in Government’s capacity to achieve their needs, which resulted in creating a gap in trust between people and government.”

The statement added ”Many detainees and prisoners are suffering violence and torture without having their rights in a fair trial according to the reports of the human rights organizations and the Parliamentary committees while judiciary authorities are struggling for independence all that have negatively reflected on general performance of the State who lost its people’s faith due to all unaccomplished promises that were given for people and did not reach reality yet.”

”Demonstrations represent a means to of demonstrating democracy and thus we should respect the demands of demonstrators by responding for them far away from any partisan or sectarian attitudes, particularly, the demands related to releasing detainees and conducting honest investigations by preserving human rights and ensure their dignity like any free human being lives on his own territory,” the statement added. \

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