Nijaifi, Maliki discuss settling dispute between Baghdad, Erbil

Nijaifi, Maliki discuss settling dispute between Baghdad, Erbil

Baghdad ( The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Osama al-Nijaifi, discussed with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, means of resolving the current crisis and settling the dispute between the Iraqi Central Government and Kurdistan Region.

A statement by Nijaifi’s office cited that “Nijaifi met on last Thursday evening, with Maliki at the latter’s office where they discussed the efforts to settle the disputes between Baghdad and Erbil.”

The statement quoted the Speaker as saying “The discussions were fruitful and were characterized by positive atmosphere,” indicating the importance to exert further efforts in order to reach final agreement which became seemingly the last step on way of ending the crisis in full.”

It is worth to mention that Nijafi has launched an initiative to bring the different views closer between the two sides so as to address the crisis and protect the country from the scourge of civil war.

The last few days witnessed escalation in the tension between Baghdad and Erbil on the background of the recent events that took place in Tuz Khormato district of Salah il-Din province on last Friday when elements from Dijla Operations Command clashed with bodyguards of a Kurdish figure in Tikrit city, capital of Salah il-Din resulted in killing a civilian and injuring a number of Dijla OC’s elements.

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