Nijaifi threatens to resend Federal Budget’s project to government

Nijaifi threatens to resend Federal Budget\

Baghdad ( The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Osama al-Nijaifi threatened to resend the project of the 2013 federal budget to the government if the political sides did not reach a settlement for the budget’s pending issues.

A statement by the parliament’s chairmanship cited on Thursday “Niajifi has chaired a meeting on Thursday comprising heads and representatives of the parliament blocs in presence of Nijaifi’s two Deputies, where the conferees discussed the controversial points of the federal budget.”

Niajaifi noted during the meeting that “The talks among the political blocs concerning the 2013 federal budget’s pending issues reached a dead end.”

He added that “The parliament should practice its role in resending the budget’s project to the government to increase the expenditures or the parliament uses its right in moving the moneys within the budget’s items.”

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