Nusayif: Attempts to bring armed groups into some provinces

Nusayif: Attempts to bring armed groups into some provinces

Baghdad ( MP, Aliya Nusayif, of the Hurra Iraqiya Coalition assured “There are attempts to bring armed groups into some provinces.”

She stated to “The government had to take its procedures concerning the sit-ins conducted in some provinces that are not constitutional.”

“Lifting the parliament that was supposed to be held on Wednesday is linked with plots prepared by some of the Iraqiya Slate leaders to harm the political process in some provinces,” she concluded.

The parliament postponed its Wednesday regular session till the 8th of next January, 2013.

Anbar province recently witnessed demonstrations and sit-ins in protest for arresting the guards of the Finance Minister, Rafi al-Esawi.

Earlier, a military force raided the office of the commander of the Esawi’s guards in the International Green Zone and arrested the guards in spite of Esawi’s presence in the office.

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