Nusayif criticizes describing Um Qasir as Kuwaiti area by Kuwaiti newspaper

Nusayif criticizes describing Um Qasir as Kuwaiti area by Kuwaiti newspaper


Baghdad ( MP, Aliya Nusayif, of the Hurra Iraqiya Coalition assured that describing Um Qasir area as a Kuwaiti land by Kuwaiti newspaper comes under the course of the Kuwaiti media escalation that aims at distorting the historical facts.

In a statement by the HIC received by, she mentioned “Describing Um Qasir as Kuwaiti land by al-Watan Kuwaiti Newspaper serves the expansion policy adopted by the Kuwaiti sides through forging the geographical and historical facts.”

“Quoting speeches of Islamic figures that was delivered under specific conditions by the Newspaper to belittle Iraqis is rejected by formal and public sides,” she added.

She criticized “Quoting a statement that describes Iraqis as betrayers,” noting that “This is intended to create target the Iraqis by the Kuwaiti media as usual.”

“Those, who claim Um Qasir is a Kuwaiti area, are ignorant and have not awareness over the historical facts,” she emphasized.

“Some Kuwaiti politicians and journalists reject the concept of new and independent Iraq ruled according to sound democratic principals,” she concluded.

Earlier, Watan Kuwaiti Newspaper posted an article for a writer in which he claimed “Um Qasir is a Kuwaiti area according to the historical facts,” quoting a historical statement in which Iraqis are described as betrayers.

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