Obama: ISIS represents serious threat and must be destroyed

US President Barack Obama. File photo.
US President Barack Obama. File photo.

( On Tuesday, US President Barack Obama assured, that the ISIS represents a threat to the countries of the world, and stressed the need to destroy it, while pointed out that the air campaign led by the international coalition has pushed the organization to retreat.

During a joint news conference with his French counterpart Francois Hollande in Washington, Obama said that “ISIS represents a serious threat to all countries of the world and must be destroyed,” stressing that, “We are going to bring terrorists to justice and hold them to account for their crimes.”

He added, “I will sign a draft to support our allies against terrorism,” pointing out that “The coalition strikes have pushed ISIS to retreat.”

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  1. Hey Mr Obama, are you serious? You are the creator of terrorists outfits and support them too and talk about their complete destruction. Your overtly and covertly supporting terrorism directly and through your proxies such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan. You’ll work honestly against terrorism only when your mainland is occupied by terrorists you have been breeding and nourishing since decades. You’ll soon be victim of your wahabi/salafi outfits-the terror group whose mosques are mushrooming across the USA.

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