Othman describes disputes over JAC’s head as political rather than legal

Othman describes disputes over JAC\

Baghdad ( MP, MP, Mahmoud Othman, of the Kurdistani Alliance stressed that the disputes over the head of the Justice and Accountability Commission, Falah Shanshal, are political rather than legal.

He stated to “The disputes over the legitimacy of Shanshal’s post are basically political rather than legal as some sides want to indicate.”

“There are no laws or constitution to followed in Iraq because all what we have are political disputes presented through a legal frame,” he added, noting that “At one day there might a law and a counter law issued together which is incorrect.”

Earlier, the Premier, Nouri al-Maliki, dismissed the head of the JAC, Falah Shanshal, and tasked Basim Shareef al-Badri, to replace him on the background of involving Mahmoud in the JAC’s procedures of debaathification.

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