Monday, January 17, 2022


Parliamentary commission calls for expelling foreign security companies

BAGHDAD / The Iraqi Parliamentary Security and Defense Commission called to expel foreign security companies working in Iraq and replace them with Iraqi companies, describing the presence of US planes in Iraqi skies as violation of the withdrawal agreement. Ahrar bloc MP Jawad Shuhaili, in a statement by the Commission received by, said that the presence of foreign security companies is not abiding by Iraqi conditions, so “they should be expelled”. He pointed out that the number of these companies reached to 500, including 150 big companies, and 350 of a medium size. Kurdish Alliance MP Shwan Mohammed Taha called to “replace them with Iraqi companies”. National Alliance MP Hassan al-Sari regarded the presence of US planes in Iraqi skies as a “dangerous indication and avowed violation to withdrawal agreement signed with USA”. He called on the Iraqi government to expose the identity of the Americans who were recently arrested, and declaring the number of workers in the US embassy and the nature of their missions and duties. “Not announcing such information will lead to a trust crisis”, he confirmed. RM (TI)/SR 1088

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