Parliamentary Commission for to ensure balance within IHEC holds its 1st meeting Wednesday

Baghdad ( The Temporary Parliamentary Commission formed to ensure balance within the Independent High Electoral Commission held its first meeting on Wednesday.

A statement by the Media office of the Parliament received by cited “The meeting, which was headed by the older MP within the Committee, Yonadim Kana, aims at discussing the procedures taken by IHEC to ensure the balance in its formation.”

“The meeting resulted in a call to hold another meeting for the Commission on next Saturday to nominate a head, Deputy Head and reporter for the Commission,” the statement added.

“The Commission involves MPs, Yonadim Kana, Abbas al-Bayati, Jabbar al-Kinani, Ameer al-Kinani, Abdul Hussein Abtan, Mohamed al-Khalidi, Ahmed al-Msari, Mohamed Iqbal, Mohamed Shareef, and Adil Abdullah,” the statement concluded.

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