Peshmerga: Kurds representation in FA deployed in disputed areas doubled

Peshmerga: Kurds representation in FA deployed in disputed areas "doubled"

Baghdad ( The Kurdistan Regional Government revealed “A tenfold increase for Kurdish representation in the ranks of the Federal Army deployed in the disputed areas.”The Peshmerga Ministry within the Kurdistan RegionG quoted military sources as saying in statement received by on Saturday ”The Ministry of Defense declared that the Kurdish rate within Iraqi Army in the disputed areas will increase from 3% to 30% and 10% was allocated for Turkmen, Christians and other communities.””The Ministry of Defense instructed each of the Iraqi Army 12th Division in Kirkuk province, Iraqi Army Second Division in Nineveh province, Iraqi Army Fourth Division in Salah-il-Din province and the Fifth Division in Diyala province to increase the rate of representation of the Iraqi communities in the Iraqi Army and to determine the percentage of each community,” the statement added.According to the sources ”The Ministry of Defense is attempting to calm the strained situation between the federal government and Kurdistan RegionG in disputed areas.” \

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