PHRC reveals torture cases against Taji Jail prisoners

PHRC reveals "torture cases" against Taji Jail prisoners

Baghdad ( The Parliamentary Human Rights Committee revealed existence of torture cases against detainees in Taji Jail of northern Baghdad. The Head of the Committee MP Saleem al-Jubouri said in a statement after visiting the prison “We spotted during our visit to Taji jail torture practices against the detainees during the interrogation process with them and most of the problems suffered by the prisoners are related to the judicial side and the determination of their cases.” He noted that “The committee was surprised to find some detainees who spent eight years in detention without settling their cases or those whose files have been lost, or others who have not been released yet although they have finished their detention periods.” “This topic concerns the judiciary and we will discuss it with the Supreme Judicial Council to urge it to resolve these prisoner’s matters,” he added. Jubouri continued saying that “The prisoners there also suffer from lack of suitable medical care; hence we will host the two Ministers of Justice and Health to discuss these issues in parliament.”

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