President stresses necessity of sustaining national reconciliation

President stresses necessity of sustaining national reconciliation

Baghdad( The Iraqi President Fuad Masoum, emphasized on the necessity of achieving the national reconciliation because it is considered as an important foundation that strengthen the internal and external attitude in the Iraqi’s war against the terrorists, referring that ” the sufferings of the displaced hurt the social safety”.

A statement by the Presidential Office received by cited that “Masoum received in the deputy of the special representative of the head of United Nations in Iraq Georgy Boston in his office, discussing the plans to support Iraq to quickly rebuild the liberated places from the control of the terrorists of the ISIL to facilitate the coming back of the displaced their home while Boston emphasized that the UN cares about sending assistances and supporting the displaced families despite the limited abilities of the UN”.

Masoum clarified to the guest and the delegation that ‘Iraq is in need of experience and assistance of the UN and international community to remove all obstacles that hinder the coming back of the displaced their home and economically and socially support them and help their children to go to their schools, emphasizing on lessening their suffering”.

On his part, Boston emphasized that “the UN mission will do its best to help the displaced through educated and developmental projects, calling for” increasing the cooperation between Iraqi Government and the independent bodies to carry out the projects and also emphasized on the national reconciliation in Iraq”. /End/

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