PUK attributes Kirkuk bombings to disputes over formation of Dijla OC

PUK attributes Kirkuk bombings to disputes over formation of Dijla OC

Baghdad ( The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by the President, Jalal Talabani, attributed the latest bombings that took place in Kirkuk provinces and Duz district to the latest disputes over forming Dijla Operations Command.

The spokesperson of the political Bureau of the PUK, Azad Jindiani, in a statement on Tuesday, that he condemned the terrorist explosions which targeted protesters in Kirkuk and Duz.

“More than 20 people were injured in Kirkuk and Duz, when a booby trapped car explosion targeted a demonstration organized by the civil society organizations to protest the formation of the Dijla OC, the explosion resulted in significant material damages to the shops near the scene,” he added.

“The Political Bureau of PUK expresses its remorse regarding the injured and killed victims in Kirkuk and Duz, assuring it’s fully support for the democratic civil strife,” he added. Pointed out “The terrorist attacks are the result of the tensions caused by the formation of Dijla OC.

“The Federal Government in Baghdad is responsible to work as fast as possible to withdraw the current tension causes, and not allowing the terrorists to benefit from the tensioned situation,” he assured, demanding “The people of Kirkuk and Duz to carry on with their democratic and civil activates.”

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