PUK: Talabani not pleased with Maliki’s performance

PUK: Talabani not pleased with Maliki\

Baghdad ( The spokesperson of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Azad Jindiani, assured that “The President Jalal Talabani is not pleased with the performance of the Premier Nouri al-Maliki since Maliki committed several mistakes that he needs to correct.”

A press statement by the PUK received by on Tuesday quoted Jindiani, as saying “Talabani is not pleased with the performance of Maliki including his stances from the political crisis which the country is going through in the last few months.”

“We in the PUK, see that Maliki’s mistakes should be corrected or we will have to think of an approach to deal with these mistakes” Jindiani added, noting that “We have substitutions to deal with this situation where we will closely observe Maliki stances and if he is committed to dialogue and negotiating approach.”

In his response to a question about Maliki’s stance from the national partnership as well as Maliki’s recent announcements that the national partnership ended, Jindiani said “Maliki is not the one to decide the fate of the national partnership, the one who is responsible for this decision is Iraqi National Alliance, which considers the State of Law Coalition as a part of it.”

He pointed out “Kurdistan Alliance’s parties are concerned in keeping the National Partnership going by being responsible and continuing the dialogues and negotiations, searching for suitable solutions to solve the country’s crisis.”

Regarding the national meeting called for by Talabani and Maliki announcement that it is not possible to hold such meeting, he said “national meeting is on hold at the moment and had the chance to alleviate the country from its current crisis, unfortunately some parties did not cooperate with the President Talabani to conclude the National dialogue with success”.

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