Saturday, June 22, 2024


Anbar controlled by Qaeda, warns Mutalabi

"Anbar controlled by Qaeda," warns Mutalabi

Baghdad ( The State of Law Coalition’s member Saad al-Mutalabi warned from “the violent events in Anbar province which is now under the control of Qaeda Organization,” according to his description.

Mutalabi stated to Iraqi News ( “We are pessimistic towards the current events in Anbar and the real battle in Iraq has not started yet but it will be fierce when happens,” noting that “Iraq is about to witness a civil war if the current crisis would not be solved.”

“The demands of the demonstrators are dynamic since they have new demands whenever the old ones are fulfilled by the government until reaching the stage of removing the Shiite from governance and toppling the whole political process,” he added.

Mutalabi accused Turkey of “hosting the Baathists and forming what is called the Front of Iraq Salvation which also involved some politicians from the Muslim Brothers in order to create a state of balance with the Qaeda Organization supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.”

He emphasized that “Anbar province is now totally controlled by Qaeda Organization which started to pay $1000 for each person who kills a security element in Anbar province and started also to send terrorists towards Baghdad province.”

Mutalabi entioned that “The Government is controlled by the decisions of the Iraqi Parliament which is also divided between supporting the Qaeda or Baath.”

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