Religious Authority first to take initiative to address current crisis, says Boulani

"Religious Authority first to take initiative to address current crisis," says Boulani

Baghdad ( The head of the Bada’na (We Started) Trend, Jawad al-Boulani, described the Religious Authority in Najaf as “the first part to take the initative to call for addressing the political crisis in Iraq.”

Boulani said in a statement received by “The first part which took the initiative to resolve the current crisis of the demonstrations was the Religious Authority in Najaf when it sent many messages to address the previous crises but unfortunately the response was lacking seriousness.”

Najaf Religious Authority was and still preserves the strength of the Iraqi social cohesion regardless of its sects or communities,” he added, urging to adopt “Pure Iraqi solutions for the problems through dialogue.”

He continued saying that “Any step towards dissolving the Parliament and the Government will complicate the crisis rather than resolving it.”

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