Saad condemns Israeli attacks against Gaza

Saad condemns Israeli attacks against Gaza

Baghdad ( MP, Suzan al-Saad, of the Fadhila bloc condemned the Israeli attacks against Gaza strip, calling the International Community to change its prejudiced policy towards Israel.

In a statement received by, she pointed out “With the current occasion of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom that is commemorated by the Iraqis, we witness the massacre committed by the Zionists against the civilians killing children, women and old people,” noting that “The international stance is divided into supporters for this kind of terrorism and some sides who kept silent towards it.”

“Fadhila Party is adherent to the principals of Imam Hussein and scarified a lot to preserve them, on this ground we condemn the continuous attacks against Gaza and we encourage the armed resistance to respond decisively against the Zionists to force them to stop these attacks,” she added.

“We call all the Palestinians to depend on Allah and to resort to their own people to unify their resistant trends to remain firm,” she concluded.

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