Saad describes Dori’s accusations to Shimari as Lies

Saad describes Dori\

Baghdad ( MP, Suzan al-Saad, of al-Fadhila bloc described the accusations of MP, Suzan al-Saad to the Justice Minister and the leader within al-Fadhila Islamic Party, Hassan al-Shimari, for suggesting canceling the Ration Card, as “Lies.”

She stated in a press statement received by on Sunday “Dori’s accusations to Shimari are lies and aim to cover her misbehavior to the Religious Authority, Mohammed al-Yaqoubi.”

“Dori thinks that by accusing Shimari, he will react and forget her misbehavior against Yaqoubi,” she concluded.

It is worth mentioning that Dori criticized the Religious Authority, Mohammed al-Yaqoubi, for nominating the Justice Minister, Hassan al-Shimari, who convinced the other ministers to cancel the Ration Card, according to Dori.

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