Saad urges PETRONAS to allow employees’ celebrate Husseini rituals

Saad urges PETRONAS to allow employees\

Baghdad ( MP Suzan al-Saad of the Iraqi National Alliance called the investment company of Gharaf oil field in Dhi Qar province to officially apologize for lowering the Imam Hussein flags from its buildings.

Saad said that “The people of the housing complex which is resided by Gharaf oil field’s employees denounced the act of Malaysian PETRONAS Company when it brought down the flags associated to celebrating anniversary of Imam Hussein’s martyrdom from their buildings.”

“We urge the company to respect the beliefs and traditions of the Iraqi people,” she added stressing “The article no. 43 of the Iraqi Constitution guaranteed the freedom of practicing the religious rituals including the Husseini ones.”

It is worth mentioning that a number of the residents of the housing complex related to Gharaf oil field’s employees protested the behavior of the field’s investment company for lowering and breaking Imam Hussein flags from their houses.

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