Saadi: Harb involved in crimes against humanity

Saadi: Harb involved in crimes against humanity

Baghdad ( The Independent MP, Sabah al-Saadi, announced that there are two documents that approve the involvement of the Legal Expert, Tariq Harb, in crimes against humanity, calling to prevent him from leaving Iraq.

In a press conference held at the parliament building on Monday, Saadi said “A formal letter was sent to the head of the Supreme Judicial Council to prevent Harb from leaving Iraq and suspending all his passports due to accusing him of being involved in crimes against humanity such as cutting the ears of the Iraqi soldiers who escaped from the army in 1984.”

“There are two documents approve Harb’s involvement. The first one is related to executing 1037 Iraqi soldiers in 1984,” he added, noting that “The second one is related in Harb’s involvement in a committee that was formed in 1987 which decided to allow the departments of the former Ba’ath Party to execute the escaping soldiers.’

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