Saghier calls demonstrators to deal positively with Government’s response towards their demands

Saghier calls demonstrators to deal positively with Government\

Baghdad ( The leader within the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, Jalal al-Din al-Saghier, called the demonstrators to deal positively with the Government’s response concerning their demands.

In a statement received by, he said “Some of the demands were achieved by the Government positively so the demonstrators also should respond positively.”

Addressing the demonstrators, he mentioned “Do not miss the opportunity by following the foreign agenda that urges you to clash with the security forces because such clashes will prevent accomplishing your just demands.”

He warned “The demonstrators from Qaeda and Harith al-Dhari, who want to exploit the demands of the citizens.”

He called “The citizens of all Iraqi communities to consolidate co-existence among them to avoid dividing Iraq.”

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