Sectarianism behind some politicians’ statements, stances, says Esawi

Sectarianism behind some politicians\

Baghdad ( MP, Aboud al-Esawi, of the State of Law Coalition assured that sectarianism is behind some politicians’ stances and statements.

He stated to Iraqi News ( “The fame and the dignity of the Finance Minister, Rafi al-Esawi, concerns Al-Esa tribe all over Iraq that whether they are Sunni or Shiite.”

“We have to distinguish between the Minister and his guards who face judicial charges,” he added, noting that “The detainees’ issue will be settled by the judicial authorities rather than the irresponsible statements of some politicians.”

He called “All the political sides to calm down the situation and to avoid exploiting the issue of Esawi’s guards to launch sectarian statements that harm the stability in the country.”

Earlier, a military force raided the office of the commander of the Esawi’s guards in the International Green Zone and arrested the guards in spite of Esawi’s presence in the office.

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