Shawees describes results of Kurdish delegations’ visit to Baghdad as Satisfactory

Baghdad ( The Deputy Premier for Economic Affairs described “The results of the visit of the two Kurdish Political and Governmental to Baghdad as satisfactory.”

A statement by Shawees Office received by cited “Shawees met the political delegation which was sent by the President of Kurdistan Region, Masoud Barzani, to explain the views of the Kurdish leadership over the settlement of the current crises.”

“During its meetings with the political sides, the delegation explained the Kurdish vision over the necessity of reaching national settlements that consolidate the national partnership among the Iraqi communities and the adherence to the constitution,” the statement added.

“The delegation realized positive response over its views from all sides,” the statement mentioned.

“The Governmental delegation discussed, during a long session, with the Federal Government the issues related to the budget of 2013,” the statement assured.

“The Governmental delegation presented its views over the budget to plan it in a way that serves Iraq through balance among all its communities,” the statement concluded.

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