Thursday, December 2, 2021


Shimmari calls for full implementation to Journalists’ Protection Law

Shimmari calls for full implementation to Journalists\

Baghdad ( MP, Kadhim al-Shimmari, of the National Alliance called the Council of Ministers to inform the governmental institutions of the full implementation to the Journalists’ Protection Law.

He stated in a press statement received by “The parliament voted on the Iraqi Journalists’ Protection law, but we see that there are many violations to the rights of the journalists and against them such as the assassination.”

“The journalists have a great role that is equal to that of politicians where they scarified a lot and granting them their rights is a national and moral duty,” he added.

“The Journalists’ Protection Law granted the journalists the rights to get the information and forced the governmental institutions to facilitate their duty and we call to fully implement it by issuing a decision by the CoM to the governmental institutions,” he concluded.


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