Shwani warns from ignoring Kurdish demands concerning Budget law

Shwani warns from ignoring Kurdish demands concerning Budget law

Baghdad ( MP, Khalid Shwani, of the Kurdistani Alliance warned from endorsing the Budget law without considering the Kurds’ demands.

He stated to “Endorsing the Budget in this way means ignoring the principal of accord upon which the Iraq modern State is built,” noting that “The Budget law that involves political side could not be endorsed through the majority or the minority without accord.”

“The Iraqi National Alliance did not manage to endorse the current draft of this law because of the lack of quorum during Wednesday session,” he added.

“Kurdish MPs insist on considering their demands over the Budget and these demands are constitutional and legal right that must be adopted,” he continued.

“If the INA MPs endorsed the current draft, they must be responsible of the political consequences,” he stressed.

“Such policy in running the State will deepen the political crises that we suffer from at the current time,” he concluded.

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