Sihail stresses his eagerness to preserve Parliament’s supervisory role

Sihail stresses his eagerness to preserve Parliament\

Baghdad ( The First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Qusai al-Sihail in response to the remarks of the MP Haidar al-Mulla stressed “His eagerness in preserving the Parliament’s supervisory role in all its legal and constitutional dimensions.”

A statement by Sihail’s office received by quoted him as saying “The recent remarks of MP Mulla is a distortion of facts and media escalation.”

“The issue of investigating the Minister of Higher Education, Ali al-Adeeb will continue after completing the scrutiny by the concerned authorities,” he added.

MP Mulla of the Iraqiya Slate has called the head of the Sadr Trend, Muqtada al-Sadr to take resolute stance and ask the First Deputy Speaker to stop disturbing the investigation of the Higher Education al-Adeeb.

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