Sihail, UAE Ambassador discuss mutual relations

Sihail, UAE Ambassador discuss mutual relations

Baghdad ( The First Deputy Speaker, Qusai al-Sihail, and the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Iraq, Abdullah al-Shihi, discussed the mutual relations and the means of improving them.

A statement by Sihail’s office received by cited “Sihail received Shihi on Thursday where he assured the adherence of Iraq to develop its relations with the Arab countries especially when it heads the Arab League which grants him bigger role in settling the current crisis in Iraq.”

“Iraq is open to all the Arab countries and wishes to establish strong relations with them based on the exchanged respect and not to interfere in each other’s internal issues,” the statement added.

“Sihail expressed the readiness of Iraq to host an international meeting for the regional parliaments to achieve a joint stance regarding the regional issues,” the statement concluded.

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