Sinaid: Solution of crisis in disputed areas depends on dialogue

Sinaid: "Solution of crisis in disputed areas depends on dialogue"

Baghdad ( The Chairman of the Security and Defence Parliamentary Committee, Hassan al-Sinaid, stressed that “The solution of the crisis in the disputed areas requires the highest degrees of self discipline, patience and to resort to constitution in solving pending issues.”

The office of the Commanding General of the Armed Forces reported in statement received by ”A meeting was held at the office of the commanding general of armed forces to discuss the security crisis in the disputed areas and the means to remove all obstacles that face it,” noting that “The meeting was attended by the Chairman and members of the Security and Defense Parliamentary Committee in addition to the Lieutenant General, Faruq al-Araji the director of the office of the Commanding General of armed forces and the Lieutenant General Ali Ghaidan the Commander of the Iraqi Ground Forces.”

”The Commander of the IGF offered a detailed explanation over security situation in the disputed areas and the joint security locations in addition to the joint coordination committees between the federal armed forces and the Peshmerga forces as well as answering all questions of MPs over the situation on the field,” the statement added.

“At te end of the meeting, MPM Sinaid assured that the solution for this crisis should be through dialogue and both sides must withdraw their troops from disputed areas and hand over the security responsibility on those areas to police forces or joint forces,” the statment mentioned. \

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