SLC MP calls government to stop kind treatment to Ba’athists

SLC MP calls government to stop kind treatment to Ba\

Baghdad ( MP, Abdul Mahdi al-Khafaji, of the State of Law Coalition called the Iraqi government to stop the kind treatment to the member of the former Baath Party under the excuse of responding to the demonstrators’ demands.

He stated in a press statement received by on Friday “We warn you from following this procedure where the victims of the Baath Party will not stay silent.”

He called “The Iraqi people not to be shocked by the unjust decisions of the government and to defend their merits that the Sadrists and Hakim’s family in addition to millions sacrificed for to achieve the best living for them.”

“The Iraqi government must stop this procedure as soon as possible,” he added, noting that “The enemies of the Baath Party are the ones who made you to be in your current posts.”

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