SLC MP calls to arrests officials of Taji prison due to prisoners’ escape

SLC MP calls to arrests officials of Taji prison due to prisoners\

Baghdad ( MP, Abdul Salaam al-Maliki, of the State of Law Coalition called the government to arrest the officials of Taji prison on the background of the escape of the prisoners on last Friday.

In a press statement received by on Saturday, he said “The repetition of the prisoner’s escape especially the dangerous ones, became a dangerous issue that should not be neglected anymore.”

“The government, two weeks ago, warned the administration of the prison from the attempt of escape due to the received information and requested them to set good plans to manage it, but this call was neglected and ignored which increases our concerns over this issue,” he added.

“The administration of the prison is responsible for the prisoner’s escape that coincided with the current political issues in Iraq where the government must investigate with the officials of the prison to reveal the means of the escape attempt,” he concluded.

At least 12 of al-Qaeda Terrorist Organization escaped from Taji prison of northern Baghdad on Friday.

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