SLC MP calls to grant citizens their legitimate rights

SLC MP calls to grant citizens their legitimate rights

Baghdad ( MP, Mansour al-Timimi, of the State of Law Coalition called to grant the citizens their legitimate rights.

In a press statement received by on Friday, he said “Some of the companies of the general sector are unjust in dealing with their employees by not involving them in the incomes of the companies.”

“This is the situation of South Oil Company that prevented its employees from having some of its incomes for three years,” he added.

“The incomes of the companies are more than 384 IQD Billion where only 42 of them were spent which is against the human rights and the rights of the employees of those companies according to the constitution,” he pointed out, noting that “South Oil Company must grant the incomes to all the employees without exception where there is not excuse to not granting them due to their exerted efforts to serve the company and the economy of Iraq.”

He called “Basra Provincial Council to defend the rights of the citizens of Basra either in the companies or not in order to achieve their legitimate rights.”

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