SLC MP denounces Tuz Khurmato bombing

SLC MP denounces Tuz Khurmato bombing

Baghdad ( MP, Mansour al-Timimi, of the State of Law Coalition denounced the terrorist attack that took place in Tuz Khurmato district of Salah il-Din province.

In a press statement received by, he said “We strongly condemn the criminal actions and call to activate the Anti-Terrorism law to eliminate the criminals and the sides that support them and we also call the officials to deal with this issue to prevent targeting the innocent people.”

“Since 2003, more than 5,000 of the Turkmen Community, including kids, women and old people, were killed,” he added, calling “The government to adhere to its duty to protect the Turkmen or by forming security forces from the Turkmen Community to protect themselves.”

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