Sudan summons Iraqi envoy after citizen cruelly assaulted by Iraqi police

Member of the Iraqi police. File photo.

Baghdad (  Sudan summoned late Monday the Iraqi envoy in Khartoum to protest the abuse of one of its citizens by Iraqi security members, the Sudanese foreign ministry said.

Ministry spokesperson Qaribullah Khedr said Iraqi charge d’affairs, Mohamed Samer, was informed of Sudan’s protest to the torture of an Iraqi citizen residing in Basra.

Social media users have recently shared a fillm on a wide scale showing Iraqi police manhandling Mossa al-Bashir, a Sudanese, in the southern Basra province. The man was whacked, had his beard burned and his right leg broken. Shortly before the incident, the man left hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot he had sustained during armed brawls.

The envoy, according to the statement, expressed his sorrow for the incident and pledged to convey the message of protest to his country in order to run an investigation and apprehend the violators.



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